5 Dollar Foot Long Subs….titute teachers..

27 Mar

Many people tell me that substitute teaching is the best way to start out a teaching career. I think I must respectively disagree. I know a multitude of teachers who went straight into a full time teaching contract, and they are exciting and amazing teachers. I wonder if those who say substitute teaching is imperative to your career, were only the people who couldn’t get a contract of some sort right off the bat and had to sub?

I understand a good point could be that you get to see a bunch of different schools and experience different grade levels. But do you really? Is one day in a grade 7 classroom giving you a real insight to what teaching grade 7 is like?


You think you’re too cool for school…well I’ve got news for you Walter Kronkite…You aren’t…

25 Mar

Wahooo School is almost done… just yesterday a few of my fellow BEADs and I were discussing how fast 2 years has gone by. We can say fast, because we all haven’t been in school for a consecutive four years this time. Looking back at our memories, I am almost forced to post a video we did at PLACE at the very beginning of last year…which I will when I can figure out how to change the format.. not a pro yet I guess..

I am filled with feelings of excitement..and yes..wait for it.. anxiousness, fear.. all of those feelings that I shouldn’t be feeling as I’m getting ready to embark on a time when I will be paid to be in schools, not paying..

Yet, I am scared. I will be teaching in a month’s time. I am moving out of the comfort of my uni zone which has kept me warm for a mear 7.5 out of the last 11 years. Scary stuff…how do we overcome this and kick it in the teaching profession??


Is Lulu acceptable for You You?

19 Mar

I know that each school has it’s own dress code for teachers. I was always told that you should look your best and there should be a clear difference between you and your students. I agree with that for the most part, other than a friend I have, who taught in a community school and it was found that she gained more respect by dressing down. The material division of clothing was much less between her and the students and they related to her a bit better.

That said, I think that LuluLemon should most definitely not be worn as attire for a teacher. We are professionals, and although we may not always say the right thing we should at least look the part. Wearing Lulu every day is not what I call professional, or appropriate for that matter. That clothing is made for working out and lounging around in at HOME.  Even as a phys ed teacher, I would choose to wear looser fitting clothing. There is no need to have almost spandex like clothing clinging to every curve god gave you.

I say this from seeing it in a school I worked in…it was odd…

What do you think?

Pog ma Thon

17 Mar

Ha ha ha, the only Irish Gaelic words i know.. too bad they mean kiss my arse haha. I don’t wish that upon any of you, just wanted to add an Irish touch..

I happened to work in an Irish pub back in good ol’ North Battleford for quite a few years, in between my travels… actually that dingy old bar is the reason I’ve been able to travel…

On this day March 17th, two years ago I was celebrating St. Patrick’s day in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

 Three years ago I was in thee Dublin, Ireland sipping (okay chugging) pints of Guiness,

and five years ago feeling dizzy from boxes of goon (Cheap Aussie wine in a box) in Port Macquarie in Australia. My how things change…

I invite you to share some great experiences on St. Paddy’s day that you have had…

Does there need to be more Male teachers in Primary Schools??

15 Mar

Okay people, let’s own it.. what are your thoughts on this…

“no country should pride itself on its educational system if the teaching profession has become predominantly a world of women.”

Langeveld in The Year Book of Education.1963.

quoted by Agnew (1989:67).

                                     Okay, where is he..where’s our one guy in the section, and the entire k – 5 program (.. dont be fooled..the one in the front with the brown hat is me…haha..hint bottom right with the beard..Hi Mark

Tech Task Numero Nueve – 6 Word Stories..here’s hoping I can count

13 Mar

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Skydiving in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, March 2006 (photo Taken by SKYDIVELAKEWANAKA)


The quote is actually “Life is Short…The list is long” but with a 6 word maximum, most definitely had to shorten it because this is a quote I live my life by. People get annoyed with hearing the word traveling come out of my mouth, but I don’t care… I have few passions, and Traveling is number one behind the special people in my life…

I found this quote in a bathroom on the wall in a hostel in Fremantle, Australia. I lived there for 5 months and the special bathroom had 100’s of quotes written all over the walls…this is the one that has always stuck out in my mind…and I will instill this type of thinking in my children and my students. Live each day to the fullest, especially with disasters like the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan right now..we never know what tomorrow will bring, life is short in the grand scheme of things so we have to get out there and LIVE.

Go BEADS End of Classes Celebration, April, 2010(photo taken by another classmate with my camera)

Ha ha ha, this is not educational at all, unless you count the fact that we are all Ed. students (sorry guys I couldn’t resist).  “I’ve been here and there and in the end I find my friends” – Unknown…

It’s been a crazy, fast, sometimes stressful ride, but every place is made better by those you meet along the way. Even university 🙂

Tech Task Numero Ocho

13 Mar

I wish these were my real expenses