Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny little polka dot bikini..with padding for little girls?????

29 Mar

This morning as I was making my hour commute to school (boo Regina traffic)..I heard something quite disturbing on the radio. CC, Lorie and Buzz were talking about Abercrombie and Fitch designing a children’s clothing line that included a padded bikini top for young girls (like age 7 I remember them saying).

Z99 Now I have heard everything! Abercrombie for Kids has come out with a new padded bikini top for seven year girls!!!!How wrong is this!!!!It’s as bad as the kids thong panties that came out last year!!!What do you think?

UPDATE: Due to public demand , Abercrombie has since decided to pull the bikini tops from their sprin…g line.Thoughts?-Lorie Lindsay


Okay, first off, that is sick. Padding in bras and bikini tops is supposed to accentuate a woman’s bust, or lack there of. Why on earth would someone feel that a seven year old girl should be trying to do that? That is just wrong.

Secondly, aren’t females objectified enough as adults? Do we really need to start doing this to our kids too?


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