Final Group Project!!!!!

29 Mar

Welcome to one of the last final projects I will complete as a University student. Kudos to my partners in crime Jackie and Robin. We started this thing together, and we’ll end it together (“it” being school)


As three PC users at home, we decided to use Windows Movie Maker as our program of choice. We started by breaking up the song into three portions, where each one of us was responsible to find appropriate visuals to match up the lyrics. We all collaborated our individual parts and then added in the song, which we downloaded off the internet.  After many an hour, tweaking, nudging and splitting hairs, we have our visual video.

We also got together to have a bit of a country/bluegrass photo shoot and you can see the results at the end of the video. (explanations of uses in the classroom are available at the beginning of the video)

Part 2 – Trailer Park Backyard (just for fun, but Alec if you like it, don’t hesitate to give us groovy marks for it too :)) 

The second part of our video, is almost in reverse of the first. We used the actual Sheryl Crow video and then rewrote the lyrics and performed them with the music in the background.  It was mighty difficult to switch the audio levels so that you could hear the music and us singing but not Sheryl. We eventually tracked down a kareokee version of the song. We locked ourselves into the small computer lab on the second floor and sang our hearts out to the music, and I’m sure to the dismay of the guy that was in there with us ha ha. We recorded our audio and the kareokee version at the same time on my laptop and then infused that into the video. We muted the actuall video and just used it for it’s visuals.  It was a lot of fun, and I think that can be reflected in the smiles you see at the end.


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