You think you’re too cool for school…well I’ve got news for you Walter Kronkite…You aren’t…

25 Mar

Wahooo School is almost done… just yesterday a few of my fellow BEADs and I were discussing how fast 2 years has gone by. We can say fast, because we all haven’t been in school for a consecutive four years this time. Looking back at our memories, I am almost forced to post a video we did at PLACE at the very beginning of last year…which I will when I can figure out how to change the format.. not a pro yet I guess..

I am filled with feelings of excitement..and yes..wait for it.. anxiousness, fear.. all of those feelings that I shouldn’t be feeling as I’m getting ready to embark on a time when I will be paid to be in schools, not paying..

Yet, I am scared. I will be teaching in a month’s time. I am moving out of the comfort of my uni zone which has kept me warm for a mear 7.5 out of the last 11 years. Scary stuff…how do we overcome this and kick it in the teaching profession??



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