Tech Task numero dos: Should teachers be facebook friends with their students?

21 Jan


My first initial thought on this question is HECK NO!  A common theme among teachers in the facebook world is that they will befriend past students, or students that are adults out of school. However, there are a lot who think like me and will not friend any of their students, past or present on facebook.

Personally my facebook is a tool for me to use to keep in touch with family and friends around the world. I know that once we become teachers we are always teachers but I would like to keep some of my personal life and my work life seperate. I like to bring myself into my classroom,but I feel that facebook does not have to be someting that my students need to share with me.

I also do not want to have to take the time to create another facebook account so that my students can search and/or add me on that either. I have my facebook privacy settings put in place so that you can only access information and photos if we are friends. I do not want to spend time taking care of another profile so that my students can add me. Facebook is something that should be kept out of schools and as such my students do not need to know that I even take part in it. I interned in a grade 4 classroom and I don’t think any of my students should be on facebook quite yet. Maybe I am old fashioned, but that is how I feel.

To conclude, my thoughts on friending my students on facebook is still Heck NO!!


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