Bye Bye..

7 Apr

Junice, circa SNL 2010


Tech Task Numero Diez

5 Apr

Marsha Marsha Marsha..I mean technology, technology, technology… There’s no I think or I feel with this one, technology is now, and is the future. The applications we have learned in Alec’s class will be incredibly useful in many aspects of my future classroom.

But let’s be real. I won’t be using them all. I know me, and me will pick a few that I like, and a few that I was familiar with before this class and use them for my students.  Skype to get in  touch with classrooms around the world; yes! I have teacher friends in Ireland and would love to be technology penpals (they were the ones who first introduced Skype to me as well). WordPress and blogging? yes! What a great way to show parents what their kids are up to. Garage band? yes, I love music and I love having fun and I hope my students will get to experience that using things like Garageband as well.

For example, I will love using technology to introduce units. It’s such a good way to catch the students attention, because really, they don’t know that they are thinking about what’s going on. They are firstly being entertained and the learning takes place in a fun environment. For example, if I was to introduce the last day of school to my students I would open up with….

sorry you will have to watch it on Youtube!!

exactly at 16 seconds when Damon Albarn goes “WOOOOO HOOOOOO”. Who isn’t excited about summer holidays? I was actually going to save this video post for my last blog entry, but it was also applicable here.

There are a plethora of articles discussing the uses of technology and its importance in today’s classrooms. Take for example “Using the Technology of Today in the Classrooms of Today” I wonder what this article is about?? Haha, well it talks about the relationship between technology and teachers…in a nutshell.  The authors clearly feel technology’s importance in all areas of education: social media, collaboration, project based learning, real life examples/situations. Really paralleling technology with the future needs of the students.  I feel like we need balance. Please incorporate technology into your classrooms. It’s fun and creative and opens a lot of doors and perhaps “windows”..badda bing! But let’s remember to teach our kids how to read and write using tangible paper and pencils as well…

Dead horse to not be beaten…this is all I am going to say about it!

And I was like Baby, baby, baby Ohh…

4 Apr

This video clip is cute, but also shows an important message. Even if we don’t understand what is being said, languages speak in many ways. Clearly, these babies were saying things we adults will never understand. Keep that in mind when teaching, as we will encounter many students we may not understand but they will all have something important to say.

Shhh don’t watch until Thursday… Final Reflection

4 Apr

Yes I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for my Final Reflection…here it is. I used windows movie maker to put it all together, and record the vocals and music. I used my computer to film it and then I spliced the two together. The last snippet of the slingshot ball is courtesy of the North Battleford Exibition 2010.

Hope  you all enjoy, it was time consuming to match up my mouth moving on the video and the lyrics in the song. And yes I most certainly wrote the song whilst in other classes.. shh 🙂

I’m less Beyonce more Canadian Idol reject

Under Pressure…

30 Mar

As the last days of classes come to an end, I am definitely under pressure. I am in a new relationship, I work almost full time and I have a multitude of final projects due in the next few days not to mention the every day life of budgeting, laundry, cooking etc…although I did finish my last university presentation this evening! Yahoo!

With that yahoo, comes a tiny bit of anxiousness though. And when I say tiny bit, I mean a lot!!! For the last ten years I always had something to fall back onto. After high school I knew I was going to university. After University I knew I was going traveling overseas for a year. After that year and a  half away, I defered a career because I knew that was not what I wanted to do..and I deferred and I deferred,…and by defer I mean travel haha. Once I decided to come back to school I had that to fall back on. Now, as I near the end of my university career I have nothing to fall back on.

In a short amount of time I will be a full fledged teacher. What if I spent all this time trying to find the right career for me, and once I get in there I hate it? Worse yet, what if I am a terrible teacher? I have nothing else to fall back on now.. I can’t just go take off for a year and travel like I did when I was younger. I am not 21 years old anymore, I am nearing 30…shudder… and I want to get married and have babies and have a career and buy a house (and travel of course)…

There’s a lot more on my mind than last day of classes bash…

How about you people?

Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny little polka dot bikini..with padding for little girls?????

29 Mar

This morning as I was making my hour commute to school (boo Regina traffic)..I heard something quite disturbing on the radio. CC, Lorie and Buzz were talking about Abercrombie and Fitch designing a children’s clothing line that included a padded bikini top for young girls (like age 7 I remember them saying).

Z99 Now I have heard everything! Abercrombie for Kids has come out with a new padded bikini top for seven year girls!!!!How wrong is this!!!!It’s as bad as the kids thong panties that came out last year!!!What do you think?

UPDATE: Due to public demand , Abercrombie has since decided to pull the bikini tops from their sprin…g line.Thoughts?-Lorie Lindsay


Okay, first off, that is sick. Padding in bras and bikini tops is supposed to accentuate a woman’s bust, or lack there of. Why on earth would someone feel that a seven year old girl should be trying to do that? That is just wrong.

Secondly, aren’t females objectified enough as adults? Do we really need to start doing this to our kids too?

Final Group Project!!!!!

29 Mar

Welcome to one of the last final projects I will complete as a University student. Kudos to my partners in crime Jackie and Robin. We started this thing together, and we’ll end it together (“it” being school)


As three PC users at home, we decided to use Windows Movie Maker as our program of choice. We started by breaking up the song into three portions, where each one of us was responsible to find appropriate visuals to match up the lyrics. We all collaborated our individual parts and then added in the song, which we downloaded off the internet.  After many an hour, tweaking, nudging and splitting hairs, we have our visual video.

We also got together to have a bit of a country/bluegrass photo shoot and you can see the results at the end of the video. (explanations of uses in the classroom are available at the beginning of the video)

Part 2 – Trailer Park Backyard (just for fun, but Alec if you like it, don’t hesitate to give us groovy marks for it too :)) 

The second part of our video, is almost in reverse of the first. We used the actual Sheryl Crow video and then rewrote the lyrics and performed them with the music in the background.  It was mighty difficult to switch the audio levels so that you could hear the music and us singing but not Sheryl. We eventually tracked down a kareokee version of the song. We locked ourselves into the small computer lab on the second floor and sang our hearts out to the music, and I’m sure to the dismay of the guy that was in there with us ha ha. We recorded our audio and the kareokee version at the same time on my laptop and then infused that into the video. We muted the actuall video and just used it for it’s visuals.  It was a lot of fun, and I think that can be reflected in the smiles you see at the end.